Traveller is run by Norson.
Excess scrolls can be exchanged for non-5★ Battle Girl scrolls at an exchange rate of 5 extra scrolls for 1 needed scroll.
It can be manually refreshed for 100 diamonds.

Scrolls That Can Be SoldEdit

  • Scrolls of Battle Girls that have been promoted to 5★
    • Note: Specific Battle Girl Scrolls are required. For example, in the above image the player can purchase 1 Celeste scroll with 5 Saint scrolls, but cannot purchase 1 Fanny scroll as she requires 5 Blowie scrolls. Scrolls needed to exchange will vary every refresh.

Scrolls That Can Be PurchasedEdit

  • Scrolls of randomly generated Battle Girls that the player does not have at 5★.
    • Note: Non-SX/Non-Exclusive 3★ Battle Girls and Caitlyn are eligible to appear.


  • Traveller is unlocked upon reaching Level 50. It has a random chance to appear when the player spends stamina, and has one or more 5★ Battle Girls with at least 5 excess scrolls.
  • Traveller becomes permanently available at VIP Level 8. Once it is permanently available it will refresh daily at 21:00 GMT+8.

Norson's Dialogue Edit

  • "I have some private stock, you may be interested."
  • "Don't touch anything if you can't afford it."
  • "Hurry! Hurry! I don't have much free time for you."
  • "New stocks online, click me to check it out."
  • "Ssh~ keep it down, you can't get it anywhere else."
  • "You got the bill to pay your bill?" (after buying)
  • "Sold out, sold out!" (after tapping a sold out item)
  • "This is not the only treasure I have." (after tapping a sold out item)