A PvP game mode in which players must attack and defend in order to achieve and keep their rank. Players have an offensive and defensive line-up.

The offensive line-up must have at least one battle girl, and it's highly recommended to have five. The line-up is pitted against a higher ranking opponent. If the offensive is successful, the player's rank is swapped. If the offensive results in failure, no penalty is enacted.

The defensive line-up must also have at least one battle girl, and it's also highly recommended to have five. The defensive line-up is pitted against lower-ranking player's offensive lines.


  1. Reward will be sent via mail at 9 pm every night based on rank.
  2. Battle of Top Floor is in auto mode and can't switch to manual.
  3. All Battle Girls' HP and heal effect will be increased with a fixed amount.
  4. If the challenger wins against the defender, their rank will be switched if the defender has higher rank
    than the challenger.
  5. If battle can't be finished in time, then challenger lose.
  6. Players have 5 times to join for free daily, and will be reset at 5:00 everyday.
  7. Each battle has 10 minutes CD times.

History Highest Rank Reward Rules

  1. Each time when you reach the highest rank in history, we will send you diamonds for reward.
  2. Reward is based on rate of progress, at least 1 diamond for each time.
  3. Reward will be issued via mail.


Team chemistry is much more valued than individual stats.