Succuba - I was once an Angel, but I was sent to guard
the gates of Hell.


Semi-Tank, can protect the team while keeping herself alive.


Mystic Chest
Working Place
Guild Exchange
1 on 1 Exchange
Top Floor Exchange
Champion Exchange

Magic Array

Succuba creates a shield for herself, becoming immune to damage until a certain amount of total damage has been dealt to her. Succuba also converts a part of the damage dealt to her to HP for herself, depending on how much damage the shield has absorbed at a time until the shield breaks.

PASSIVE: [100 x LV] damage maximum.

EFFECT: Shield for herself.

Blood Sacrifice

Blood Sacrifice a Battle Girl with lowest HP. If is enemy, it will cause magic damage. If is ally, it will heal her.

Increase [12 x LV] heal amount.
Increase [36 x LV] damage.

EFFECT: Healing.

Shield of Sun

Use sunlight to create a divine shield to protect weakest ally. When shield fail, it will explode to cause nearby enemies magic damage.

MAGIC DAMAGE: Absorb [1050 + 50 x LV] damage maximum.
Increase [252 + 12 x LV] burst damage.

EFFECT: Shield for one ally.

Mighty Shield

Summon powerful shield to protect allies from magic damage.

PASSIVE: Reduce all allies' [4 + 0.1 x LV] spell damage.

EFFECT: Shield for one ally.

AWAKENED: Guard Soul

All allies will have their HP recovery as long as Succuba standing in battlefield.

PASSIVE: [360 + 6 x LV] HP recovery per second.

EFFECT: Healing.

SKIN SKILL: Sweet Devil

When Succuba uses the Sweet Devil skin, the healing caused by Succuba's skills will generate damage in a certain proportion and then the damage will be stored in the Xmas stocking. When a teammate is killed by a foe, the stocking will attack the foe at once.

EFFECT: Healing generates damage; damage is stored and used to attack a foe that kills a teammate.

STAT/STARS ★★ ★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★★
Strength X X 5.6 7 8.4
Intelligence X X 4 5 6
Agility X X 3 3.75 4.5

 Eye Mask
 Jewelry Bell

 First Aid Gauze
 Black Yarn
 Bunny Ears
 Light Dumbell
 Leather Shoes

 Nurse Outfit
 Bunny Doll
 Princess Crown
 Eye Mask
 Jewelry Bell
 Leather Shoes

 Punching Bag
 Bat Man's Helm
 Pleated Skirt
 Light Dumbell
 Orange Heels

 Nurse Outfit II
 Girl's Shawl
 Orange Heels

 Voodoo Doll
 Bunny Doll
 Girls Pendant
 Orange Heels

 Nurse Outfit II
 Wedding Dress
 Mink Coat
 Sister's Boots

 Kaso's Coat
 Riot Shield
 Husky Pack
 Sister's Boots

 Shield Maker
 Yellow Duck
 Princess Crown
 Sister's Boots

 Nurse Outfit IV
 Laser Gun
 Sister's Boots

 Vampire Cloak
 Rocket Booster
 Agility Shoes

Awakening Gear
 Fallen Lance

 Make Armor
 Queen's Armor
 Death's Pass
 Agility Shoes

 Saiyan Suit
 Time Machine
 Gryphon's Ring
 Agility Shoes

 Sunfire Robe
 Death Axe
 Nether Sword
 Bronze Armor
 Agility Shoes

 Saiyan Suit
 Olive Wreath
 Gryphon's Ring
 Bamboo Copter

 Tax Book
 Sun Lance
 Saint Gem
 Bamboo Copter

   Main Page Dialogue

  • "If I eat Master, we can be together forever!"
  • "Master (even his blood), is all mine! If you get in our way, you'll die!"
  • "Whose pet is this?! Bathing itself in my blood drink! It ruined the taste!"
  • "Master, you also love me right? If you don't... I'll definitely kill you!"


  • "Motto chi yo!" ("More blood!") - On selection.

   Interaction Quotes

  • "If you touch the head of demon, you need to pay the price~ So, marry me master!" - Touch.
  • "Master, did you taste what wine I drunk today?" - Kiss.
  • "Hungry! My chest is burning! You need to help me, master~" - Massage.

   Intimacy Visit

  • "Come on in. Take off your cold shoes and have a drink."
  • Invitation

  • "This is the best wine in the world."
  • "Look at this pretty liquid. No one can ever resist it!"
  • "Let's make a bet!"
  • "If you can make me drunk, you can do whatever you like."
  • Drink Wine

  • "We went on a real binge last time! it's rarely to meet my match~"
  • "I was a little drunk last time and felt you did something to me."
  • "Don't falter. I won't blame you. Will you drink with me when I am lonely?"
  • "Succuba likes most the person like you who knows wine and women. If you don't come anymore, I can't guarantee that I won't kill any woman who dares to steal you from me."
  • "Hehe, why? I won't tell you."
  • Good wine

  • "Did you bring something good to me?"
  • "Let me have a look!"
  • "A wine that has been stored for 80 years? to share it specially with me?"
  • "Aha... I am burning inside. So hot. But drops of blood may make it even better~"
  • "Yes, now that's it~"
  • "Have a taste, master. Aren't we like in heaven? Just you and me. So intoxicated as one could be."
  • "Have you tasted my blood and gone crazy for me?"
  • Bath in Wine

  • "Master, I was so moved by the last gift you especially gave to me. So I've prepared some for you this time~"
  • "Yes? It's said that I'll be engaged with a man that I fall in love with once we bath together."
  • "Give me your fingers. It won't hurt. So warm they are..."
  • "Master...From this moment on, I'll protect you and only be addicted to you."
  • Fresh Preys

  • "Any new fun this time?"
  • "If not any, I'll take you somewhere."
  • "Shh, keep it down. Animals are all sleeping."
  • "Come in. Look. So many rabbits here. I'll catch whatever you like. By the way, I prefer medium rare."
  • "What? You are not going to eat?"
  • "You are a caring person. But we'll just eat one of them and free the rest."
  • "The choice rests on you, master. Rabbits, which one of you will be honored? But then you'll be cooked If you successfully charm my master to be chosen."
  • Apologize

  • "Master, are you angry?"
  • "Don't be angry with Succuba. Succuba just wants to be with you..."
  • "It seems that I will have you forever if I swallow your body, haha......"
  • "Just kidding. How can I eat you~"
  • "So if you want to eat me, I'll be willing to let you do this. But please don't be angry anymore if you cannot bear to eat me."
  • Promise (Engagement)

  • "Did that mean that you will marry me if I no longer kill lives?"
  • "Ooo... Master. I'm so afraid of blood and bugs. You must protect me for the rest of my life~"
  • "And I will do the same to you~"
  • "If anyone dares to hurt you, I'll eat him and please do not blame me for breaching my promise"
  • "Master, let's finish a cross-cupped wine so we can do that earlier~"
  • Special Gift

  • "Mater~Here are the treasures from angle!"


  • "Put it over there, then let's drink!" - When disliking a gift.
  • "Yes! As a reward, let's drink!" - When liking a gift.
  • "Here, it is better than wine~" - When loving a gift.
  • Obs. Loving, liking or disliking a gift will have no impact on the Intimacy gain.


Default Skin


Awakened Skin


Alternative Skin







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