Contents: Intro / Rules / Floors  


Found under the Training menu, the Sky Tower is your main source of pets' skill books, rations and gear packs.


There are 100 floors in total, and 20 more on the Elite Sky Tower.


  1. Every player only has 1 chance to reset Sky Tower; after reset, cleared floor will be reset.
  2. In Sky Tower, the higher floor you conquer, the more reward you shall receive.
  3. There is a Pet Pack in every 5 floors for you to collect.
  4. There are 100 floors in Sky Tower, you will start with Floor 1 and finish all enemies to enter the
    next floor.
  5. Quick clear can only be used to the conquered floors.
  6. It requires some time to quick clear, the more floors you want to clear, the more time will be used
    to quick clear.
  7. Players can also use diamonds to finish clearing immediately, and the spending diamond amount is based on how many floors need to be cleared.
  8. Battle can be manually, or choose to quick clear.
  9. Players can check enemy formation of 5 more floors above current floor; And cleared floors cannot be reviewed.