This event begins when a Player on the sever is the first to reach Academy Level 80. Five elemental Bosses are progressively spawned for the whole server to fight. In addition, the more Players reach L80 and the more damage done raises morale, which unlocks game features.

Rules Edit

  1. Players may challenge in Seal the Elements daily from 8:00 to 22:00.
  2. Each player has 5 free times to challenge an elemental Boss.
  3. During daily challenge, only the highest damage done by each player will count in total damage done in record.
  4. After defeated on each boss, the reward will be sent to mailbox according to Total Damage Ranking during the challenge.
  5. After defeated on each boss, will automatically unlock next level boss, also the next level Boss rank record will appear.
  6. We will settle the morale value daily at 22:00.
  7. The more L80 players gathered the greater increase on morale value.
  8. The more players challenge on boss and causing more damage the greater increase on morale value.
  9. You can defeat the Boss once the morale value reaches certain level.
  10. On every boss you've defeated, it will unlock certain features in game.
  11. You may use raid on Boss after you have attack it once.
  12. If you use raid, the damage done will be according from your highest damage done in history.
  13. Boss immune to any controlling skill, but can still getting DoT effect and decrease in armor defense effect.
Boss Description Skills
Lighting Owner of thunder, has the power of annihilation!
Geisha Elf of forest, wielding the power of turning resurrection to destruction!
Aq Water spiritual, can create various phantoms!
Lavia Lord of fire, her fire shall devour the world!
Pandaria Witch of blizzard, freeze everything she touched!
Morale Description
2,000,000 Unlock Chapters 13 and 14.
4,000,000 Academy level cap increase to 90.
6,000,000 Unlock Challenge Difficulty 5 and 6.
8,000,000 Unlock Quiz Difficulty 5 and 6