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Chapter 11 Rene.

Rene is a friend of the main character who backstabbed him after the Championship. She is one of the two destined leaders of the future school management.


Rene encountered the main character and Yuki while she was looking for teammates in order for her to join the Championship. The two took her in as their teammate due to Rene's nonstop pleading. After they won the one million dollar grand prize, Rene took it all for herself and fled, along with her ally. The two chased her, Rene already harming Jacky and taking away Nathan's powers as a summoner. They eventually reclaim the money, but she managed to escape.

She approaches the two after a while to ask them a favor. She explains that she only did all that because she was ordered to by her organization.

It is revealed that Old Papa took Rene into his organization and made her his disciple in order for him to defeat the current Union of the school.