Lily - Beauty is the strongest weapon!


Middle caster, has many control skills and can deal huge amounts of AOE damage.


Chapter 2 - Relaxing Times
Chapter 3 - Criminal
Chapter 13 - Expose
Mystic Chest
Working Place
Guild Exchange
1 on 1 Exchange
Top Floor Exchange
Champion Exchange

Ice Array

Summon ice array to strike enemies in huge area with magic damage.

MAGIC DAMAGE: Increase [7.05 x LV] damage every ice strike.



Use Ice Spell to freeze target and create magic damage.

MAGIC DAMAGE: Increase [16.5 x LV] damage.
Freeze rate increase with level, inevitably hit to enemies below level [LV].

EFFECT: Freeze one enemy.

Ice Breath

Use ice breath to attack enemies in certain area, cause magic damage and slow enemies down.

MAGIC DAMAGE: Increase [198 + 9.9 x LV] damage.


Body Purity

Attack with power of ice, and recover all allies' MP.

MAGIC DAMAGE: Increase [8 + 0.2 x LV] MP of a single attack.

EFFECT: MP recovery.

AWAKENED: Frozen Field

When Lily is under threat, she will cast a frozen field to protect herself and which will recover her HP continuously.
Then frozen field will break after she has dealt Ice Array for 3 seconds or she has been attacked by ult from enemy for 5 seconds. Otherwise, the field will last 20 seconds.
This will be only cast once in battle.


EFFECT: HP recovery.

BLOOD AWAKENED: Freezing Field

The Freezing Field will continuously affect enemies, freezing one random enemy every six seconds.
The time will be shortened when an enemy is frozen or slowed down.


EFFECT: Freeze an enemy every six seconds.

SKIN SKILL: Rose Bride

When Lily uses "Rose Bride", a new skill will be unlocked: Every twice damage dealt by Ice Array will inflict a "Freeze" (of current skill level) casting against foes hit. The calculator resets once "Freeze" is triggered.

EFFECT: Ice Array damage has chance to inflict Freeze.

STAT/STARS ★★ ★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★★
Strength X 2.55 3.4 4.25 5.1
Intelligence X 4.2 5.5 6.8 8.1
Agility X 2.5 3.4 4.3 5.2

 Blue Knickers
 Blue Knickers

 Swimming Suit
 Eye Mask
 Sling Bag
 Sling Bag
 Light Dumbell
 Leather Shoes

 Girl's Shawl
 Punching Bag
 Sexy Apron
 Black Yarn
 Sling Bag
 Girl Sandals

 First Aid Gauze
 Bunny Ears
 Blue Heels

 Cursed Flute
 Chest Strap
 Princess Crown
 Sling Bag
 Light Dumbell
 Blue Heels

 Yellow Duck
 Bunny Doll
 Sling Bag
 Blue Heels

 Leather Fan
 Magic Cane
 Sister's Boots

 Kaso's Coat
 Sun Glasses
 Magic Cane II
 Husky Pack
 Princess Crown
 Sister's Boots

 Voodoo Doll
 Magic Cane III
 Sister's Boots

 Shield Maker
 Yellow Duck
 Magic Cane IV
 Chest Strap
 Sister's Boots

 X-Ray Glasses
 Power Detector
 Rocket Booster
 Girl's Visor
 Agility Shoes

Awakening Gear

 Witch Robe
 Helm of Future
 Geass Power
 Sun Glasses
 Agility Shoes

 Demon's Eye
 Devil Fruit
 Diving Suit
 Agility Shoes




   Main Page Dialogue

  • "Ahh, I need more sleep! Sleep deprivation gives you wrinkles!" - After obtaining her.
  • "You will really make me angry!"
  • "Take your dirty hands away!"
  • "Weakling with only 5 Fighting Power."
  • "By doing this... do you feel happy?"
  • "Your life is so boring..."

   Interaction Quotes

  • "Ah, haha~ This... This is the first time I was touched head by someone, so shy~" - Touch.
  • "Do it here, it will be blamed by god." - Kiss.
  • "Does this have special meaning? Don't know why, I feel comfortable~" - Massage.

   Guild War Exchange Dialogue

  • "Please feel free at my place~"
  • "Go pick yourself a gift, you deserve it."
  • "Many people pick it as a gift." - After buying.
  • "This is a great gift." - After buying.
  • "Oh no, we just sold our last one." - After tapping a sold out item.
  • "You can check out the other gifts, as they are as good as the ones you picked." - After tapping a sold out item.

   Intimacy Visit

  • "Don't step on my lilies."
  • Into the Garden

  • "Hey, I'm talking to you!"
  • "I saw you as soon as you broke into my garden!"
  • "Beautiful, aren't they? I planted every single one of them all by myself. They are lovelier than the ones in other gardens ~"
  • "This place is now open to you since you seem to like my flowers very much."
  • "Hey, come over often."
  • Snowlike Lily

  • "Have you ever heard that lily stands for pure and innocence~?"
  • "Just like the white snow... I like snow..."
  • "What? I look like a lily?"
  • "Of course. I stay with flowers all the time. They call me Miss Lily~~"
  • "No! Not that lily!"
  • About Lily

  • "Here you come again! Let's go to water flowers."
  • "Ha? Not flower but me?"
  • "Me... Not much to say about me. I've been here since I was adopted..."
  • "Oh, there was also a bunch of lilies with me then at the gate of Shinto shrine."
  • "It's just like...Like I am waiting for someone to take me away. When he comes, those flowers must be the first things looked into his eyes"
  • About Self

  • "You come here again. I'll take to water the flowers."
  • "Em? Don't talk flower? Talk me?"
  • "I... I don't have anything to say, I've always been here from the time I was adopted."
  • "There is a bunch of lilies at the door of shrine besides me."
  • "I think I am waiting for someone, waiting to be taken away. And he will see my lily when he come."
  • Loneliness

  • "Lonely?"
  • "Not so lonely..."
  • "I just found that nothing could come out of my mouth when talking with someone."
  • "It's easier to speak to flowers. They just know my heart and I'd like to devote myself to them."
  • "But, things become different from before. Now I feel I've changed a little."
  • Keepsake

  • "I want to give this lily garden to you..."
  • "Every flower has the blood and sweat of mine. That's also a token of my regard."
  • "I've been always thinking to hand over my garden to someone."
  • "We can stroll here and chat beneath flowers. They are the best things for me."
  • "Will you accept...?"
  • Go with you (Engagement)

  • "Does that mean... you are going to stay with me forever?"
  • "Okay, I promise I will go with you if you want to leave."
  • "I'll take my lily seeds and make a lily garden for you wherever we'll stay."
  • "Exciting. Really looking forward to it."
  • "You are the first one that wants to be with me forever and it's also the first time for me to go out my garden."
  • Special Gift

  • "This... This is gifts sent by villagers, it's too many... So, do you mind to take some?"


  • "Is it an offering..." - When disliking a gift.
  • "Master sent it to me? I'm so happy~" - When liking a gift.
  • "The god tell me, I need to treasure the one who send this to me." - When loving a gift.
  • Obs. Loving, liking or disliking a gift will have no impact on the Intimacy gain.


Default Skin


Awakened Skin


Alternative Skin







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