Contents: Single Puppy / Nine-Tail Fox / Cupid / Monkey King / Angry Rooster / Tangyuan  


Unlocked at level 55, this mode allows you to fight and defeat a variety of bosses, with gears as rewards.
Each boss has ten difficulty levels, in which you can challenge two times per day.

Single Puppy

Single Puppy has a great hatred to couples, which empowers him great abilities.
Single Puppy is immune to all damage skills, it'll only be damaged when it loses MP.

First Clear Prize: 5 Voodoo Doll Dots, Fries.
Recommendations: Fanny, Luna, Witch, Phancy, Fleur and Smartie.


Nine-Tail Fox

Nine-Tail Fox is a powerful monster. It consumes its health to deal huge damage to enemies.
Control skills will not work on it, so masters must be aware. BGs with healing skills will be good options against her.

First Clear Prize: 5 Bubbles Dots, Fries.
Recommendations: Scythe, Geisha, Dr.Hua, Phancy, Nurse, Joan and Succuba.



Cupid attacks all enemies and is immune to direct attack, but fears sustained damage and controlling skills.

First Clear Prize: 5 Kevlar Dots, Fries.
Recommendations: Hottie, Quinie, Dr.Hua, Chevalir, Muppet, Cynthia and Marynari.
It is also good to bring one or two BGs capable of interrupting him, like Haxie, Scythe or Wildtress.
This way, you'll be able to prevent him from using his AOE attack.


Monkey King

Monkey King hides if it has 0 HP, will regain full HP if not attacked enough times before it heals. Immune to all magic damage and most controlling skills. BG's with best DPS would be good against it.

First Clear Prize: 5 Yellow Duck Dots, Fries.
Recommendations: Pandaria, Boxer, Amazon, Bidenty, Gambler, and Shamoke.


Angry Rooster

Angry Rooster attacks front enemies, deals massive magic damage, petrifies front or middle girls, and is immune to debuffs. BGs in rear would be a good choice against it.

First Clear Prize: 5 Visor Dots, Fries.
Recommendations: Pandaria, Geisha, Amazon, Archie, Wild Girl and Caitlyn.



Tangyuan curls up to become immune to all damage and recovers a large amount of it's HP. It is immune to all physical damage and most controlling skills.

First Clear Prize: 5 Queen's Armor Dots, Fries.
Recommendations: Lavia, Toys Girl, Scythe, Jinx, Quinie and Nagia.