Rules Edit

  1. Guild War is Season Mode, each Season contains 8 rounds, each round is a competition lasts for 1 week.
  2. Each round of Guild War is consisted of 5 stages: Registration, Match, Preparation, March and Battle.
  3. 5:00am of each Monday to Tuesday's 11:00am GMT +8 is Registration. Only Guild leader and vice leaders may join.
  4. Tuesday's 11:00am to 12:00pm is the Matching.
  5. Tuesday's 12:00pm to Saturday's 5:59:59pm is the Preparation. Battle Girls that are 15 levels lower than contender's academy level cannot join.
  6. Saturday's 6:00pm to Sunday's 9:15pm is the Marching, all the deployments and lines cannot be changed or swapped.
  7. From 9:15pm of Sunday on, 2 guilds will meet and start the battle. Team will be matched in descending order of Attack Power til one side's teams are completely defeated. Victory of 2 Lines will decide the winner.
  8. If there is a timeout battle; the one with more living units will win. When having same amount of living units, the one dealt more damage will win.
  9. After the battle, rewards will be distributed to contenders according to their teams' performance and the amount of lines the guild won.