Dr. Hua

Dr. Hua - I have to live long and save even
more people haha!


Middle Support, can heal and reduce enemies' defense. Her ultimate can protect her allies for a short time.

Dr. Hua-stats

Chapter 2 - Third Person
Chapter 6 - Descision
Chapter 15 - Mysterious Man
Mystic Chest
Working Place
Guild Exchange
1 on 1 Exchange
Top Floor Exchange
Champion Exchange


Dr. Hua-skill1
Use power of redemption to protect an ally even from death.

PASSIVE: Undertake [150 x LV] damage maximum.

EFFECT: Shield for one ally.


Dr. Hua-skill2
Use venomous energy to hit enemy, and cause sustained magic damage.

MAGIC DAMAGE: Increase [15 x LV] damage;
                                Additional [24 x LV] damage.

EFFECT: Damage Over Time.

Healing Orb

Dr. Hua-skill3
Release a healing orb to heal all allies.

PASSIVE: Increase [400 + 20 x LV] heal amount.

EFFECT: Healing for all allies.

Meteor Strike

Dr. Hua-skill4
Wield the power of meteor to reduce all enemies' defense.

PASSIVE: Reduce all enemies' [32 + 0.8 x LV] defense.

EFFECT: Defense debuff.

SKIN SKILL: Divine Doctor

Dr. Hua-skinskill
When Dr. Hua uses skin: Divine Doctor, she will gain a new skill: Dr. Hua will protect the ally that has lowest HP with a magnificent shield and recover certain amount of MP and HP for this ally from time to time.

EFFECT: Shield + MP/HP Recovery.

STAT/STARS ★★ ★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★★
Strength X 2.55 3.4 4.2 5.1
Intelligence x 4.35 5.8 7.2 8.7
Agility X 2.55 3.4 4.2 5.1

 Eye Mask
 Jewelry Bell

 Black Yarn
 Swimming Suit
 Light Dumbell
 Leather Shoes

 Nurse Outfit
 Girl's Shawl
 Eye Mask
 Jewelry Bell
 Girl Sandals

 Chest Strap
 Private Guard
 First Aid Gauze
 Leather Shoes

 Nurse Outfit II
 Wedding Dress
 Bat Man's Helm

 Yellow Duck
 Cursed Flute
 Bunny Doll

 Nurse Outfit III
 Cursed Flute II
 Sun Glasses
 Sling Bag

 Kaso's Coat
 Voodoo Doll
 Big Bow Tie
 Sister's Boots

 Vampire Cloak
 Girl's Visor
 Queen's Armor
 Flare Bomb
 Princess Crown
 Sister's Boots

 Cursed Flute III
 Nurse Outfit IV
 Yellow Duck
 Helm of Future
 Sister's Boots

 Power Detector
 Geass Power
 Agility Shoes

Awakening Gear

 Void Mask
 Sun Glasses
 Girl's Visor
 Rocket Booster
 Agility Shoes

 Blood Mantle
 Power Detector
 X Gloves Ver X
 Devil Fruit
 Agility Shoes

 Grief Seed
 Death Note
 Mystic Puzzle
 Agility Shoes

 Blood Mantle
 Thunder Rune
 Mystic Puzzle
 Bamboo Copter

 One Piece
 Thunder Rune
 Bamboo Copter

   Main Page Dialogue

  • "Don't worry about the side effects."
  • "I always sleep during classes. That's why I don't know anything!"
  • "Come, come, come. Have some medicine for no apparent reason."
  • "Don't worry, don't worry. This medicine will not kill you."
  • "Studying is absolutely not romantic..."

   Interaction Quotes

  • "You like this right? Master~" - Touch.
  • "I just take some medicine~So when you having it again you will know the taste of kissing~" - Kiss.
  • "I don't mind~" - Massage.


  • "You called?" ("Yobimashita?") - On selection.

   Intimacy Visit

  • "Need a doctor?"
  • Medical family

  • "Master, do you like herbs?"
  • "I liked their smell when I was young~"
  • "When I was born, I got used to every herbs~"
  • "I needed to learn their function~ I used to feels bored~"
  • "But now I have master, I will insist for you~"
  • Invite for date

  • "Ha?Date on weekends?"
  • "Alright then,you have asked me~"
  • "Then I won't answer yes!Hahaha!"
  • "Hahahah!Just kidding!"
  • "Master you are really funny when you are mad hahahahaha!"
  • Milkshake

  • "Nothing better than a drink after meal~"
  • "I only ordered one milkshake~"
  • "It's the big one~We can have it together~"
  • "Each of us has a straw,then..."
  • "Hahahaha!You are so shy,master!"
  • Master,here comes medicine~

  • "You got a cold,master"
  • "Don't worry,you will be alright very soon."
  • "I'm doctor after all~"
  • "Alright,just lie down have a rest~"
  • "It will be a little bitter~"
  • "Hey!Stop playing PSP!"
  • "You need rest now!"
  • "Alright,go to sleep then you will be alright"
  • About Guan Yin

  • "Guan yin?I like her most!"
  • "Once her arm was hurt"
  • "But there is no narcotic"
  • "So she just ask me do it without that."
  • "She can bear all the pain~And watching TV while having snacks~"
  • "She always takes care of me~"
  • "So master,you need to take care of her"
  • Master,medicine for your whole life~ (Engagement)

  • "Ah?What's this?"
  • "Don't worry,you will be alright very soon."
  • "I like it~Because it's made by master~"
  • "You are really kind, master~"
  • "Then I Will accept this~"
  • "But if you want to take your words back"
  • "I will poison your snacks~"
  • "Hahaha!Just Kidding!I won't do that~"
  • "But I do have some others~Wanna try?"
  • Special Gift

  • "Master,guess what is it?Medicine hahahahah!"


  • "Take It away!It's so terrible!" - When disliking a gift.
  • "You can give me some herbs Instead" - When liking a gift.
  • "Besides herbs,I like this~" - When loving a gift.
  • Obs. Loving, liking or disliking a gift will have no impact on the Intimacy gain.

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Default Skin

Dr. Hua-skin

Alternative Skin

Dr. Hua


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