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Champion Exchange is a section in the store where you can exchange your Champion Trophy, obtained from Champion, for a variety of rewards. The store refreshes at 21:00 GMT+8.



Champion Exchange is run by a gray-haired girl. Champion Trophies earned from gold chests in Champion can be exchanged for

It can be refreshed by choice for 10 Champion Trophies each. (10 for the first two refreshes, succeeding refreshes: 50, 50, 100, 100, 100, 100, 200)

Champion Girl's Dialogue

  • "Ok, I admit that you have the strength. Now you can take whatever you want from here."
  • "Money doesn't work here at my territory, only justice."
  • "Wise choice!" - After buying
  • "Registration complete. Now you can take your trophy with you." - After buying
  • "Hold on, this item? Let me check... out of stock." - After tapping a sold out item
  • "Sold out, please buy something else." - After tapping a sold out item