1 on 1 Exchange is run by Gambler. 1 on 1 Badges won by competing at the 1 on 1 PvP mode can be exchanged for

and other various Items. It refreshes every 21:00 GMT+8.

It can be refreshed by choice for 10 1 on 1 Badges each. (10 for the first two refreshes, succeeding refreshes: 50, 50, 100, 100, 100, 100, 200)

Gambler's DialogueEdit

  • "Don't know how to use it? Can't you read the manual?"
  • "Are you going to buy it or not?"
  • "You are so generous." (after buying)
  • "Take it! Take it!" (after buying)
  • "Item sold out, come back tomorrow if you still want it." (after tapping a sold out item)
  • "Hey! Stop interrupting me when I am counting my money!" (after tapping a sold out item)